Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy 86th Grandma! :)

Today is my grandma's 86th birthday! Wow, she ages like a wonderful bottle of wine! (Not that I drink wine, hehe). I so wish I was there to celebrate with the family today. I guess I will have to go home for  visit soon.

My grandma is hilarious. She makes me laugh so much. We always have a good time together. When we worked out together twice a week. She stopped working out about a year ago now. We would go and work out and laugh. Go back to her place and then play Scrabble. Both of us both competitive and wanting to win. We would say, "Cheater"... lol.  I love going over and watching the ducks in the pond outside. She always saying, "I'm not going to feed them anymore". Well who is she kidding, she loves them haha.

I definately miss living in CR. When I do go "home" for a visit we always pick up where we left off. Me calling her squab, her calling me, hey you big poop, lol.

I could go on with stories but some are a best kept secret between us. :)

On this day I wish her the best, she is one of the best. I love her so much!!!
Happy 86th Birthday Grandma!!! xoxo.

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  1. How sweet! She is BEAUTIFUL!!! Happy Birthday Grandma! :):):):):):):):):):):)